Our Research

Research that Leads to Treatment

The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) has had a long history of involvement in research to advance knowledge in substance use disorders. Some of the best known and respected leaders in the field of alcohol and chemical dependency research are conducting science and clinical research studies at CDAP.

Dr. Woodward's research team uses sophisticated electronic probes to understand how alcohol affects brain cells and how alcohol changes the function of these cells over time. These experiments provide insight into the effect of alcohol consumption on the ability of drinkers to think, and also insight into why they may "crave" alcohol.

CDAP Investigators show research study participants pictures of alcoholic drinks or cocaine related paraphernalia, on a computer screen, while their brains are being imaged. We have found that some medications used to treat alcoholism reduce the brain activation that these pictures cause. These tests provide insight into individual differences related to addiction and the possibility of new medical treatments.


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