Tips for Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Tips for Moderate and Sensible Alcohol Consumption

  • Set an alcohol limit for yourself in advance before any event. By setting a goal or limit for yourself, you will know ahead of time when you need to stop drinking alcohol.
  • Determine beforehand your length of stay. This can help prevent you from over-drinking and help reduce your alcohol consumption. Make plans afterwards, such as purchasing tickets to a late movie, so you wonít be inclined to stay.
  • Inform a trusted friend or family member about your drinking limit and time frame. Someone you trust can help you stick with your goal, or remind you of it.
  • Eat a full, healthy meal before drinking any alcohol. Food in your stomach will help slow down your body's absorption of alcohol, and can help prevent you from becoming intoxicated at a fast rate. Carbs and protein are especially good in helping slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system.
  • Eat snacks while consuming alcohol to help keep your stomach full throughout any holiday event.
  • Pace and Space Ė Sip slowly to avoid intoxication and enjoy the flavors.  Use more ice or club soda to help dilute wine and cocktails, and have water or something non-alcoholic between drinks.
  • Beware of unfamiliar drinks.  They can be deceiving, especially those where the alcohol is undetectable.
  • Politely say no when offered a drink after meeting your alcohol limit.  Prepare your no ahead of time, donít hesitate, and keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid peer pressure: this is about taking care of you!
  • Designate a driver. Have someone who is not consuming alcohol to drive all drinkers home.

    See our Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator page for consumption limits


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