Alcohol affects women differently than men because women are usually smaller, absorb alcohol more quickly and metabolize it more slowly. This means that a womanís brain, liver and other organs are exposed to more alcohol than a manís. Women may experience a higher level of impairment than men who drink the same amount. They can also develop liver damage and other alcohol-related health problems more quickly than men. It is important that women also realize that drinking too much alcohol can increase risks for the following:

  • Breast cancer - even one drink/day increases risk
  • Brain damage - due to women being more susceptible to this alcohol effect than men
  • Pregnancy - alcohol can affect a womanís ability to get pregnant
  • Fetal development - no amount of alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy
  • Victimization - alcohol can increase the risk of becoming a victim of sexual or other assaults
  • Age-related issues - alcohol induced falls and broken bones, poor nutrition, and heart problems

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