Importance of Research

Alcohol abuse and dependence constitute a major public health concern.

  • Every year, 79,000 Americans die from alcohol abuse
  • Every year, due to alcohol abuse, approximately 2,000 college students will be killed, 100,000 will be sexually assaulted and 700,000 will be injured
  • Each day 7,540 children and teens take their first drink
  • One in four families are affected by alcohol
  • Excessive alcohol use costs our society more than $224 billion a year

Alcohol addiction research is the key for future treatment and hope. Progress is being made in unraveling brain mechanisms and genetic risk factors that drive excessive alcohol consumption. MUSCís Charleston Alcohol Research Center and other research organizations have uncovered new discoveries in neuroscience, genetics, and neuroimaging that contribute to advancing our understanding about alcohol dependence. Continued research and education is critical for improving treatment and finding cures.

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