Nearly 40 percent of individuals with heavy or problematic drinking also have anxiety and mood (depression/bipolar) disorders. These co-occurring problems are often more devastating for people’s lives and complicate their treatment and prognosis. These individuals are:

  • More likely to attribute symptoms to anxiety and mood problems instead of drinking
  • More likely to cope with mood swings and anxiety by drinking alcohol
  • More likely to have problems at work, school and home
  • More likely to feel suicidal or attempt to harm themselves
  • Less likely to receive, or stay, in treatment for their alcohol and/or mental health problem
  • Less likely to comply with medications

Research shows that individuals with significant anxiety, mood and alcohol problems need more advanced care by addiction professionals and combined treatments for multiple conditions.

If you know someone that fits this profile, encourage them to seek professional help from qualified specialists trained in both Addiction and Mental Health services.

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