Patient Testimonials

The research being conducted at the Center for Alcohol and Drug Programs (CDAP) is making a positive impact in the lives of many. One of the strongest ways to move health care forward is through research and clinical trials. When individuals decide to be a part of clinical trials they are oftentimes, taking part in making medical history. More importantly, they are taking an important step to improving the quality of their life. Here are a few testimonials from individuals that have worked with CDAP to turn their lives around.


Read Jim's letter to MUSC about his experience as an alcohol treatment clinical trials participant

"I am going to be brief because I will start crying. I was on the verge of losing a wonderful husband and three fabulous children. Most of all, I was losing myself. I have all that back now." - Anonymous

"Everyone was extremely nice, open, accomodating, and helpful. I think the medicine decreased my desire to drink, but the accountability and encouragement of the frequent meetings was equally, if not more, beneficial. I am much more optimistic about my future as a result of my participation in this program." --Bob 

"A great program! I would highly recommend it to anyone that is trying to quit drinking. The staff is great and very undertanding. It changed my life!" --JR

"I have nothing but good feedback to offer about this trial and the folks that administer it. Melissa & Dr. Latham have been so kind, educational, accommodating & caring. They are not judgmental (which I was afraid of) & offer heartfelt 'atta-boys' for the smallest of accomplishments. Thank you for positively impacting my life." --LW

"The experience at CDAP has been invaluable for me.  My awareness of alcohol has been improved and I am much more concerned about the effects it has had on myself and my family.  I am more in control of my destiny having participated in the program." --Anonymous

"Whether I had the test medication or not, I feel the program made me more personally accountable for my drinking habits, my responsibilities to my family, and my general value to others."--Rick

"Very professional and courteous staff."--Anonymous

"If it wasn't for this program, I would probably be in jail or dea.d"--Richard Edmond

"This program has given me access to medical professionals willing to give me honest feedback on my thoughts and questions regarding alcohol use."--Anonymous

"I greatly appreciate being allowed to participate in your study.  It has been a tremendous help to me."--Mark

"This program helped me realize the severity of my drinking problem and taught me coping skills to go through life without alcohol.  The regular visits/meetings heightened my awareness of my alcohol use and made me more accountable to myself."--HB

"The staff was polite and there was no pressure."--Joseph Nycz


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