Our Commitment to Excellence

Solutions for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) offers alcohol and substance addicts the best chance of achieving and maintaining sobriety. Our commitment to excellence underscores every aspect of our study and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse.

    • We are at the pulse of alcohol and substance abuse treatment, using ongoing scientific research to continually refine and improve our treatment program.
    • We then train our substance abuse clinicians to ensure they fully understand and are correctly administering our carefully developed treatments.
    • We carry this knowledge, training and education out to drug and alcohol treatment professionals around the country and around the world.
The very core of our program is based on the philosophy that treatment must encompass the biological, psychological and social intervention aspects in order to be effective. We also understand the importance of translating research discoveries into clinical practice, so that our scientific efforts and advancements can directly benefit patients and provide them the best chance of avoiding relapse.


Center for Drug & Alcohol Programs
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