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MUSC Institute of PsychiatryThe Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs is recognized internationally for its discovery of advanced treatment options. CDAP utilizes state-of-the-art tools, such as brain imaging, genetics, behavioral pharmacology and therapies to identify better treatments for alcohol and substance abuse.

The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs is a part of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) is really two separate but related organizations, Clinical and Research. Basic and clinical scientists work together to investigate the causes of and treatments for addictions. CDAP occupies the entire fourth floor of the North Tower of the IOP, and has offices and/or basic science laboratories on the second, third, and fifth floors. The fourth floor includes a 23-bed, inpatient facility. All clinical treatment trials are conducted at the Institute of Psychiatry. CDAP also has an outpatient substance abuse clinic located at the Leinbach Clinic in West Ashley. The outpatient clinic provides treatment for patients suffering from addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

Situated within CDAP is the Charleston Alcohol Research Center, one of only 14 National Institute of Health (NIH)- funded Alcohol Research Centers in the United States.  The theme of this renowned center is alcohol treatment and treatment implications. 

Clinical researchers at CDAP participate in most of the nation's major clinical treatment trials that are currently ongoing for alcoholism, cocaine abuse, and smoking. We have active support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the pharmaceutical industry, the Veterans Administration and philanthropy from individuals and foundations.

Our scientists evaluate how abused substances affect brain chemistry, growth, and neuronal connections. There is an additional focus on issues of drug and alcohol abuse in women and adolescents. This work is providing new insights into addiction as a disease and how to treat it.

Part of our mission includes educating health care professionals and the lay public. We are strongly committed to the successful translation of our research findings to the real world; without such technology transfer our mission would be incomplete.

Substance abuse takes a terrible toll on the lives of millions of Americans. Our work provides cutting edge solutions to the better understanding and treatment of this national health epidemic.

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